Stand out at an Interview

Your interview is a fantastic opportunity for you to convey your strengths to a potential employer. It is acceptable to be nervous, however good preparation is the key to success. Ensure you research the firm in question, use the internet, local press and contacts you may have, to find out as much as you can about the firm. Always dress to impress in a suit. Plan to arrive for your interview at least 10 minutes early. On arrival shake the interviewers hand with confidence and make eye contact. Enter the room with a smile and a positive attitude. Reinforce your professionalism and your ability to communicate effectively by speaking clearly. Be aware of your body language. Use positive words. Be attentive, show you are interested.

Examples of Questions you may be asked:

Questions you may wish to ask the interviewer:

Do not be negative about a former employer. Thank the interviewer for their time and if you are interested make that clear to them at this point. After you interview please call your consultant at Austen Lloyd to discuss your experience of the interview. The consultant will contact the company as soon as possible to discuss their reaction and you will receive constructive feedback based on this. If you are successful, your consultant will guide you through the next stage and will assist you with progressing the offer. If unsuccessful, your consultant will discuss feedback from both yourself and the client, highlighting strengths and weaknesses, deciding on a successful plan of action.